Coaching for your own further development

Armin as your personal coach

Armin is happy to meet you to give his great know-how as personal coach, teacher, partner and companion for your own development. He draws on his rich experience gained through the paths of immersion, psychotherapy and ecstasy.

Advance your own development

His greatest concern is for you to advance your own development, to heal your own wounds from the present and the past, and to gain clarity in order to courageously step into your future.

Individual conversations, face-to-face in the same place or via video calls.

He likes to work out who you are, where you come from, where you are going and what your task is. This can be done in one-on-one conversations, face to face in the same place, but also via video calls. Furthermore, Armin checks with you where and how you can best advance your development in your everyday life.

Price schedule

  • Conversation / Consultation 75 €

    30 minutes

  • Conversation / Consultation 140 €

    60 minutes

  • Conversation / Consultation 195 €

    75 minutes

Contact Armin

Contact Armin by e-mail to briefly describe your concern and make an appointment with him.

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