Film: Heterosexual Men in Homosexual Tantra

Heterosexual Men in Homosexual Tantra

nterview with Armin Heining, GAY-TANTRA Founder (1992)

Participants' feedback

Four Participants share about their experience from 'Heterosexual Men in Homosexual Tantra'

There are still many fears of contact between women loving men and men loving men. How would you describe the difference between a hetero male tantra group and a homo tantra group, even if it has the same or similar content?

It is actually very different to be in a gay context and to experience something similar with friends who have a different sexual orientation: For the heterosexual man, the anchor of his own sexual orientation in the group instructor falls away: Suddenly a gay man leads the same or similar rituals. This completely new cosmos in intimate matters can support purifying experiences and heal deepest fears. It helps to get even deeper into yourself, to arrive at your own strength and sexual identity.

(Excerpt from the interview with Armin Heining)

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