Silence, Ecstasy, Happiness

How I Learned to Meditate as a Monk and Discovered Spiritual Tantra

The Book

A young man in provincial Old Bavaria torn between religious devotion and sexual discovery. When he receives his conscription notice, only one path appears possible.

Is the monastery the right choice for Armin? Can celibacy keep his passion in check?

When, during his theological studies, he lives next door to a popular brother, his conscience is put to an unexpected test. On a hot summer day, a series of dramatic events is set in motion that will change Armin’s life in unforeseen ways. Who helps the young monk in the dark moments of his inner turmoil? Who can truely identify with him and show him a path forward? Can the Catholic Church prevent his downfall?

Saint or squalor, order or orgasm, monastery or sexual ecstasy – Armin Heining’s unsparing autobiography is a gripping account of his early life: The desperate struggle to live authentically between sexuality and spirituality, the hope of healing emotional pain and the enlightening realization that even the most tortuous path follows a plan.

The Author

Born in 1960, Armin Heining grew up in the town of Cham in Bavaria. Following high school, he entered a Benedictine Monastery in Lower Bavaria and studied Catholic theology in Würzburg. After years of deep inner conflict and therapeutic processes, he left the abbey by mutual agreement.

Following his heart, he founded GAY-TANTRA in Nuremberg in 1992 and became the author and director of numerous bestselling educational films. Heining lives today as an ›urban monk‹ in Berlin. As an international coach, he travels the world teaching his philosophy:

»Meditation is the most intimate way to be with oneself, and tantric union is the most intimate way to be with another person.«

Reading – reflection – exchange
Buchcover "Stille, Ekstase, Glück"

Excerpt [in German]

Hamburg, Publisher Tredition May 2020

264 pages, including 1 colour page

ISBN: 978-3-347-05032-7 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-3-347-05031-0 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-3-347-05033-4 (e-Book)

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